Strong Posture for Golfers

Golf Posture pic

Golf Posture

As chief of emergency medicine for the NorthShore University HealthSystem, Dr. Morris Kharasch oversees four hospital emergency departments. Dr. Morris Kharasch balances his professional responsibilities with an active personal life, which includes frequent games of golf.

Correct posture plays a crucial role in establishing an effective golf swing. The body needs to lean forward at the proper angle, yet not round from the waist. The knees should be slightly flexed but not bent, and the shoulders blades should be flat to the torso.

Experts recommend that a golfer find his or her correct posture by standing tall with the golf club straight out in front of the navel. By then tilting forward at the hips, rather than at the waist, and keeping the lower back flat, the person finds a comfortable position. It may feel at first as if the person is sending his or her gluteus muscles backward.

The person should continue to lean forward until the club head touches the ground. He or she can then gently flex the knees, but without a bend that would change the angle of the club. The spine then serves as a relaxed but stable center column, and the swing rotates around it.


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