Parasailing Tips for Beginners

Parasailing pic


Emergency medicine physician Dr. Morris Kharasch provides management in patient care for four emergency departments at NorthShore University HealthSystem. In his leisure time, Dr. Morris Kharasch enjoys various outdoor activities, including parasailing.

Parasailing can be an exhilarating experience, but those who aren’t familiar with the activity may have certain questions before deciding to take it up for themselves. In that vein, here are some important tips for parasailing beginners to keep in mind.

Before ever putting on a harness, perform a visual inspection of the parasail boat to ensure that it has been well maintained. If the boat looks old or weathered, or if the tow rope appears to be frayed, it may be best to find another operator.

It’s also important to find a parasail operator who does business from an established storefront, rather than someone who is simply operating on a beach, as they are more reputable. Additionally, make sure the operator explains all the risks to you before signing any release forms.

When in the air, remember that parasailing isn’t necessary a thrill-seeking experience. In fact, many parasailers take part in the activity because it is relaxing to steadily climb through the air. Just try to relax when in the air. There’s also no need to white-knuckle the straps, because you are secured to the parasail through a sturdy harness.

The last tip? Be sure to have fun!


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